Do you know anyone who is blind?



There are around 200 million blind people in the world according to WHO. Where are all these blind people? If you have seen someone with a cane on the streets, that person is probably blind.


* Probono

Your talent has light. When can we see your talent?

1) Translation

You are a magician having command in two languages. Please solve the secret stories in ShinePlus so that everyone can understand. It will change the lives of blind people living in your area.
- Process
1. Send by mail (ATLAB)
2. Send original manual and resource via email (within 5 pages)
3. Translate original to another language
4. Delivery translation to mail (ATLAB)
5. Re-register in store after reflecting translation copy to ShinePlus
6. Upload profile in ShinePlus "Thank You for Help" corner.


2) Course

It cannot be understood when you explain.
We remember you who kindly and clearly explained on YouTube or Blog. Blind person using smart phone conveniently is because of the refreshing hint by you.
- Process

Learn Shineplus instruction.



Post course on channel (YouTube, Blog) of ShinePlus instruction



Provide corresponding information (web address) to mail (ATLAB)


Register information in ShinePlus Web Contents corner

5. Upload profile in ShinePlus ‘Thank you for Help’ corner
6. Don’t make us wait too long. waits for good news


* License

Are you considering an innovative product for blind people, people with bad eyesight, and presbyopia? If your company manufactures smart phones, TV, watches, glasses, and tablet PCs, customize the products by adding the unique function of ShinePlus for customers.


Send e-mail to for inquiries.


* Agency

Do you know about the blind society? Shineplus is the absolute condition for blind people/people with visual impaired to use smart phones.


Supplementing smart phone and software to blind people will become good business. Shineplus modifies and translate executes localization. Send e-mail to for any good idea.


* Game

Game is not easy for private developers to make game and succeed.


Send e-mail to if you are interested but have no idea how to start.


* Start Up

Is your business vitamin? Or is it painkiller? Start Up companies with lack of resource have difficulty in competing with existing companies.
There is a painkiller business here.


Your item can be useful service for the blind and people with bad eyesight.
Mobile distribution platform is already established for blind people service.
Send e-mail to if you have passion.


* Collaboration

Create new values through collaboration.
It will become a fresh stimulation in your company’s business model.


Strengths are combined by adding one value to another, and weaknesses are removed. Thus, profit and effective results can be derived. Send e-mail to if you have good opinions.


* Digital Book

How does the blind study?
Blind people usually use braille books that are thicker than encyclopedias.


Students with low vision who use binoculars to see the chalkboard.
Mobile Digital Books are still an issue for these people. Base solution for electronic textbook is already established.
It is called ShinePlus.
Companies that possess ‘Academic Contents’ have an opportunity in this market. Send e-mail to for inquiries.


* R&D & Consortium

Are you considering innovative research assessment? Mobile innovation is continuous but the benefit does not return to everyone. Take a look at the sector for blind people. So many ideas are gathered here.


While the world wastes resources with repetitive development and excessive development, these people cannot achieve anything and are left in a world of unknown. Send e-mail to for inquiries.




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